Perbacco Restaurant will be open to the public from May 1st for lunch and dinner
Reservation required
Takeaway option remains available


His story between passion, creativity and experience

Opening of Ristorante Perbacco
Professional course with Marco Stabile
Started his social & business catering services
Professional course with Claudio Venturini at "Cordon Bleu", Florence
Creative cuisine course with Francesco Mastronardi
Low-temperature cooking course with Marco Pirotta at “Al Fresco"
Specialization on chocolate with Gianluca Aresu
Cooks Association course with Mauro Sciancalepore
Cooks Association course with Angelo Biscotti
Chosen to be part of the Regional Union of Cooks’ team, headed by Chef Maria Luisa Lovari
Since June, the restaurant has been considered an Italian excellence and later on it has been recognized by the Italian Cooking Academy of the Valdarno area

lo staff

Top quality raw ingredients, high-standards cuisine, original and fancy recipes: these three elements represent one of the best features of our constantly-evolving reality, where a staff of professional workers can take care not only of the menus but also of the whole restaurant settings&fittings to perfection, so as to guarantee that every event has its unique style.

Whether you need a catering for a dinner or you want to organize a banquet for a special event or a business meeting, Perbacco can turn ideas and wishes of their customers into reality, transforming every occasion with taste and elegance to make it something you can never forget.